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26 November 2018
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Let’s be honest having any type of dental problem can be quite annoying if you’re not familiar with it or don’t know how to treat it. Sometimes you can panic and stress about what might happen. What you’ve got to remember is that it happens and it’s nothing to worry about. With today’s technological advancements and near-perfect dental methods, we can quickly and efficiently solve your problems.

Dental problem: Why is it important to keep good oral health?

Lack of oral hygiene can cause gum disease, tooth decays and in some cases permanent damage to your own teeth. Neglecting your oral hygiene or dental care doesn’t only mean having to deal with dentists and medical appointments it can also impact your social and personal life. Everybody knows that having a nice smile comes a long way and can help you feel better.

The currents dental problems

Let’s just quickly explain the different problems that may occur when neglected your dental hygiene and how to prevent them from happening. Keep in mind that dental hygiene is extremely important.

A gum disease

You could get gum disease. It’s quite usual and frequent and the gums can easily become sore or infected. This could happen to both children and adults. When you have gum disease, you might see some blood when brushing or flossing your teeth or have unusual foul breath. Most of the time, it can be treated quite quickly by keeping up with good oral hygiene i.e. removing the tartar. If not dealt with quickly it can worsen and you might get periodontitis which can ultimately impact the tissues that support your teeth. Worst case scenario, you might develop jaw and bones problems and teeth falling out.

Tooth decay

Another dental problem you may have to face is tooth decay. It’s common knowledge that there’s a lot of people who have tooth decay. But, how can you make sure to not have to deal with it? Go to the dentists regularly with routine check-ups (every few months) and try to avoid foods and drinks highly concentrated in sugar. Everybody knows that sugar attacks your teeth and without the proper oral hygiene can result in tooth decay. Smoking and drinking can also impact your oral hygiene. If you experiencing any repetitive symptoms please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Accumulation of tartar and bacteria are the main reasons for how you may get tooth decay. Basically, you have a lot of plaque on your teeth. It’s considered as a texture that has many bacteria. When brushing your teeth, if you don’t clear out or eliminate those harmful bacteria you can ultimately harm your gums. If you do have tooth decay, your dentist may have various treatment in order to repair it, filling and putting a crown are the two common treatments. In some other cases, your dentist may have to carry out a root canal treatment or even implants if the tooth is beyond saving.

Our advice to avoid dental problem

Here are a few tips to prevent these types of dental problems. First of all, you have to remember that when you eat and drink you collect a lot of bacteria. Some are harmless but others can negatively harm your oral hygiene and therefore harm your gums. We would recommend to brush your teeth a minimum of two times a day,  regularly floss so that you can get rid of tartar. Finally, we would advise trying to use an effective tooth brushing method. This means at least a few minutes of constant brushing your teeth and try not neglecting the teeth in the back. They are often the ones that need the most care yet people have a tendency of spending less time cleaning them. You should also buy and change toothbrushes quite frequently so at least once every few months or use a recommended electric toothbrush by your hygienist or dentist.

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